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3 Steps to Handling any Dilemma

By Jackie Capers-Brown Have you ever wondered how college students who have had to face daunting circumstances are able to press on to achieve their academic and career goals, while others lose their motivation and quit altogether? Why are some students able to maintain a fiery drive while other student’s inner drive fizzles? So, what’s the secret to maintaining a fierce and determined attitude towards achieving success in life and college? First, you’ve got to exhibit effective … [Read More...]

Don’t Miss the Harambee Festival Community Choir Concert!

by Da’Quan Adams During that interview with Dr. George A. Devlin, I asked him “What were some obstacles Harambee encounter in its earlier stages? He replied, “Getting the word out to the community that this new festival had been created. The Harambee committee had to find out what would attract people to a festival on a Saturday. It was a period of growth,” he laughed, “Slow growth at that, but growth nonetheless.” “Over the years, we … [Read More...]

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GRE: Are you Ready?

By La’Tesha Ford Well it is safe to say it is officially that time of year! While high school seniors are getting ready for the SATs, some of us college seniors are racking our brains trying to prepare for the GRE. GRE stands for the Graduate Record Examination, which is a standardized test that is an admissions requirement for many graduate schools. These standardized tests measure your knowledge of particular fields of study. Though not a requirement, it is highly encouraged that … [Read More...]

It’s Gaitor Season!

by Malik NkwodiMMah Imagine this: It’s your last high school touchdown, your last bucket, your last homerun, and your last goal... The thought of it might make you feel sick to your stomach.  The … [Read More...]