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Must-have supplies for a successful year at college

(BPT) - Packing up the bedroom and leaving for college comes with the promise of a semester of learning, meeting new friends and future peers, and good college fun. In addition to the clothes and household goods that will be packed into the car, there are some other items every college-bound student will want. These include the technology gadgets that help students process all of their homework and class projects, as well as the snack foods and cleaning equipment they’ll need to survive the … [Read More...]


Pool Party welcomes students back with a splash!

It’s time to dive into a new semester! What could be better than ending a hot summer with a splash? Students all over campus have returned for the 2014-2015 academic year and the semester is already off to an exciting start. Throughout the month of August, every Wednesday, students gathered to cool off and relax around the pool. The Pool Parties were a wonderful way to kick- start the semester and gave students a chance to interact, get … [Read More...]

Campus Life

Don’t Miss the Harambee Festival Community Choir Concert!

by Da’Quan Adams During that interview with Dr. George A. Devlin, I asked him “What were some obstacles Harambee encounter in its earlier stages? He replied, “Getting the word out to the community that this new festival had been created. The Harambee committee had to find out what would attract people to a festival on a Saturday. It was a period of growth,” he laughed, “Slow growth at that, but growth nonetheless.” “Over the years, we figured out that we needed to add food vendors and some … [Read More...]

It’s Gaitor Season!

by Malik NkwodiMMah Imagine this: It’s your last high school touchdown, your last bucket, your last homerun, and your last goal... The thought of it might make you feel sick to your stomach.  The … [Read More...]