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Lock-in or Walkout?

The Lock-in kicked o to a very good start. ere were games to play, movies to watch, or you could just hang with friends. Most people took advantage of the corners so they could have an outlet handy just in case they needed to charge a phone in the middle of the night. While looking for the perfect spot I ran into some friends that brought tents, because they didn’t want strange people to be all in their personal space while they slept - to me it was a brilliant idea! I don’t think the … [Read More...]


The School of HASS Promotes and Recruits at the Palmetto Capital City Classic

The School of HASS is trying out some new recruiting strategies. In e ort to promote the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences leaders in the school decided to use the Palmetto Capital City Classic game as a marketing tool to promote and spark awareness of the department. The school of HASS is made up of Art, Criminal Justice, English, History, Mass Communications, Music, Political Science, Psychology, Religion and Philosophy and … [Read More...]

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Coronation of Mr. and Miss Benedict

By Ashley Morris, Class of 2014 Communications and Marketing Intern Columbia, SC – October 6, 2014—   Benedict College will officially crown Miss Benedict College 2014-2015, Alida B. Wilson, and Mr. Benedict, Christopher Daughtry during the institutions annual coronation on Friday, October 10, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. The ceremony will be held in the Benjamin E. Mayes Human Resources Center Arena. This year’s theme is Unbroken Enchantment “Dreams Do Come True”. Ms. Wilson, the 71st Miss … [Read More...]

It’s Gaitor Season!

by Malik NkwodiMMah Imagine this: It’s your last high school touchdown, your last bucket, your last homerun, and your last goal... The thought of it might make you feel sick to your stomach.  The … [Read More...]